Portrait of Leonie Schütte-Silverio.
Leonie Schütte-Silverio
Junior Expert

Leonie Schütte-Silverio is a junior expert in gender and diversity in politics. She is involved in the projects Helene Weber-College and in the "Action Program Municipality -  Aktionsprogramm Kommune – Frauen in die Politik!”. Her focus in both projects is on women in local politics, especially female mayors. In addition, she will further develop and implement new formats in the diversity network with the aim of promoting and networking women local politicians with migration biographies and helping to increase their visibility. Leonie Schütte-Silverio attaches great importance to thinking about structures and processes from an intersectional perspective, so that marginalized people and their needs are brought more into focus and take their place in the German political landscape more strongly.

During her BA and MA studies in political science at Freie Universität Berlin, she focused on feminism, intersections of experiences of discrimination, and processes of empowerment. Her particular academic focus and theme of her Master’s thesis was on safer spaces for women of color and non-binary people of color in Germany. During and after her studies, she gained work experience at Wissenschaft im Dialog, the Center for International Peace Operations, as well as the German Bundestag and the Berlin House of Representatives.

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