We accompany organizations in change processes towards more diversity in leadership. As an independent research and consulting organization, we work at the interface of politics, business and science. We advise on the topics of diversity and equal opportunity, career planning and leadership, compatibility of family and work, resilience as well as democracy and participation. We design and implement practice-oriented research projects, innovative training programs for human resources and organizational development.


Our Work

Our society is shaped by diverse biographies, experiences and personalities. This diversity contributes to our future viability as well as to the success of our institutions. We’re committed to a just society, in which people of all genders and identities have equal opportunities and rights to develop their potential in all areas of life. In order to achieve more diversity in leadership, we want to strengthen and support those who are structurally disadvantaged.

Our Team

We’re a team of experts with a wide range of knowledge in different fields and broad networks. We use our knowledge and contacts to promote societal transformation, with the goal of generating capacity for action. We want to empower people and organizations to advance change while continuously developing effective ideas, strategies and products based on current scientific knowledge and practical experience.


How the story began...

The EAF Berlin was the first institution ever in Germany to work independently and across political parties to promote more women in leadership positions in politics and business. Founded in 1996, we have steadily grown and developed in terms of content and programs. We draw from the expertise of over 25 years of experience in working with companies, academic institutions, administrative bodies, and political parties, combining our know-how with new approaches and discourses on the topics of diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI).


Our Network

As a result of our many years of consulting and research work, we’ve built a unique network of professionals and experts. This includes academics and scientists from universities and research institutions, representatives from companies and associations as well as decision makers from the worlds of politics and administration.

More about our network


2022 – 2025
Diversity & equal opportunities

The Alliance "Together Against Sexism"

The undersigned organizations have a common goal: A society without sexism and sexualized violence.

Since 2009
Politics & Participation

Helene Weber-Award

Young talent award for outstanding achievements by women in local politics.

Since 2011
Politics & Participation

Helene Weber-College

The cross-party network strengthens women active in local politics