Portrait of Cécile Weidhofer.
Cécile Weidhofer

As a director, Cécile Weidhofer is in charge of projects for promoting gender equality in politics and administration. Her focus is on cross-party work with (future) full-time and voluntary female local politicians as well as with municipalities and parties. She is currently responsible for the topic “Parity in Parliaments” and has been a project manager at Helene Weber-College since 2018. Drawing on insights from theory and practice, Cécile Weidhofer gives workshops and lectures on aspects of gender equality in politics.

Part French and part German, she also focuses on international project work. In 2015/2016, she led the project “Democracy Needs Women” to promote women’s participation in local politics in Tunisia. In 2019, she also advised the Tunisian Association of Towns and Municipalities on establishing a non-partisan network of women mayors for GIZ. From 2015 to the present, she has accompanied projects with and for women local politicians from the US, France, Austria and Poland in various capacities.

Cécile Weidhofer, born in 1982 in Aix-en-Provence, graduated in 2006 with a Master’s degree in Intercultural German-French Studies from the Université de Provence and the University of Tübingen. In Montpellier, she studied linguistics and focused on intercultural communication.

She is a jury member of the “Gender Award - Kommune mit Zukunft”.

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