Vera Andreh is an expert in the areas of academy and organizational development. She assists the Academy with the organization, conception and implementation of mentoring and career building programs. Together with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) team, she works in the area of organizational development on projects, consulting processes, workshops and trainings as well as on the development of diversity strategies in companies and organizations.

Vera Andreh studied Political Management and Transcultural Studies in Bremen and was primarily involved in the field of international affairs and gender equality during her studies. Her main areas of study were transculturality, critical diversity, participation and belonging in “post-migration” societies. Her academic projects dealt with the discourse about a "Guiding Culture", its implications for immigration policy (BA) and the role of “pre-integration” services in Brazil (MA).

In Brazil, Vera Andreh deepened her knowledge in gender studies from a postcolonial and intersectional perspective and gained experience in work on transnational cultures and languages at the Goethe Institute in Salvador da Bahia.

Most recently, Vera Andreh worked in Berlin at the Ukraine Arrival Center, where she supported and accompanied refugees arriving in Germany. She is part of the Critical Diversity Collective Bremen and was involved in a feminist learning group and has her own audio-project “Hingehört – ein Audiowalk über vorurteilsgeleitete Gewalt” (“Belonging – an audio walk about bias-led violence”).

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