Portrait of Anna Sive.
Anna Sive
Senior Expert

Anna Sive is a senior expert with a focus on research and organizational development. Her specialty is the data-based development of measures and projects.

Before joining EAF, she worked for over a decade in the field of cultural, visitor, market and media research, conducting research on different target groups and in numerous contexts and sectors. In doing so, she acquired comprehensive methodological knowledge in both qualitative and quantitative empirical survey methods.

In addition, she expanded her expertise in consulting and organizational development. In the field of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), her focus is on a holistic approach and strategically integrated implementation of diversity issues in companies and organizations.

Anna Sive is a member of the board of BiBerlin e.V. and focuses on diversity issues in the field of LGBTQIA*. In this context, she regularly speaks at public events and on different (online) media platforms. She also conducts awareness-raising workshops with various stakeholders as part of Bi+ activism. The consistent focus on the intersectional consideration of inequality and discrimination is an important part of her work. An additional focus is on anti-racism.

She studied Applied African Studies with a sociological and ethnological focus at the University of Bayreuth for her Bachelor’s degree and subsequently completed her Master’s degree in Cultural Studies and Cultural Management in Ludwigsburg.

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