Portrait of Nina Prehm.
Nina Prehm
Senior Expert

Nina Prehm is Senior Expert in the communications team. She is responsible for public relations, editorial work and social media.

Previously, Nina Prehm was a public relations and communications officer at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research after her traineeship in science communication. She has experience in communication conception and implementation of measures, the creation of brochures, infographics, websites, information films and flyers, as well as in social media and event organization.

Nina Prehm studied Political Science (BA) at the Freie Universität Berlin and did a Master’s in the political economy of European Integration at the HWR Berlin. Her main areas of study were global gender inequalities and gender impacts of the welfare state. In addition, she completed a correspondence course in journalism at the Freie Journalistenschule and trained as a communications manager at Depak.

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