Managers and communication behavior

Communication is a crucial tool for managers to achieve organizational goals, motivate employees and teams and lead them effectively. Good managers actively deal with their own communication behaviour and continuously expand their repertoire of actions in order to minimize misunderstandings in communication and create an appreciative working environment.


Misunderstandings are commonplace

Misunderstandings in communication are commonplace and there are many reasons for them: information is interpreted differently from different perspectives, misjudgements occur due to stress or there is a lack of clarity in communication.

Managers play a decisive role in overcoming misunderstandings in the organization and in the team, but also in direct communication with their employees. 

Further develop your communication style

With our training, we support managers in further developing their communication style and dealing with themselves and their employees in an appreciative manner, even in difficult situations.

In the seminar, managers deal with direct and indirect forms of communication and reflect on their role in establishing a constructive feedback culture.

We support managers in:

  • communicating clearly themselves
  • promoting a supportive communication environment within the team
  • being sensitive to the different needs of people in communication
  • living an open and constructive feedback culture

Target group and formats

The seminar is aimed at managers who want to improve their communication skills and are looking for impulses for concrete suggestions for improvement in everyday management. This workshop can be booked as a half-day workshop (4h) or as a full-day event (8h) online or in person.


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