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Action Program Municipality

Municipalities are supported by various measures to sustainably increase the proportion of women.

Women are still woefully underrepresented in local politics. The reasons for the underrepresentation of women in local politics are manifold and can be traced back to societal conditions, but also to the ways in which much of party politics is organized at the local level. The action program aims to permanently increase the proportion of women in local councils (municipal, city and district councils) as well as the share of full-time and honorary female mayors and district administrators. For this reason, it not only focuses on women, it also aims to help initiate structural changes that can have a positive impact on the participation of women and the acceptance and attractiveness of local politics as a whole. One focus in this context is on rural regions.

target groups and activities

In the “Aktionsprogramm Kommune” (Action Program Municipality), which combines nationwide activities with the implementation of practical measures on the ground, 10 selected regions will be advised and supported in each of two rounds. The first round will run from the beginning of 2022 to summer 2023, the second from spring 2023 to fall 2024.

The following activities are planned over the total period of four years (2021 to 2024):

  • Networking, exchange of experience and mentoring via a digital mentoring platform for interested women, female candidates, office holders and elected representatives in local politics, as well as setting up regional mentoring “tandems”.

  • Motivation and empowerment of women at the regional level, including through workshops and courses

  • Specific networking and qualification offers for women mayors

  • Advising regions on improved conditions for women’s participation (for example, changing certain attitudes about working times or hybrid working, how to balance the requirements of local political office with family life, preventing sexual assaults and everyday sexism)

  • Supra-regional exchange of experience regarding good practices

  • Kick-off and networking meetings featuring colleagues from the participating regions

  • Establishing sustainable cooperation between stakeholders at a regional and national level

Target audience

Regions and municipalities, women in local councils and women interested in political office, mayors and candidates


"Deutscher LandFrauenverband", "Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund", "Deutscher Landkreistag", "Deutscher Städtetag", "BAG Kommunaler Frauenbüros und Gleichstellungsbeauftragter"



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Women and local politics

Whether in the Bundestag, regional (Land) parliaments or at the municipal level, women are rarely found in political office. Only 27.7 percent of local representatives are women. The situation is even worse for mayors: only 9 percent of town halls have a woman at the top. The proportion of women mayors is also only 11.7 percent, although it was 17.1 percent in 2008. As of 2019, the share of female district administrators is still only 9.5 percent.

For truly valuing democratic processes and safeguarding social cohesion, diverse perspectives are crucial in decision-making, whether at the national, regional or municipal level. With our increasingly diverse populace, it is more important than ever before to develop sustainable local policies that respect a range of voices and include the full diversity of perspectives.

That’s why the views, experiences and competencies of women are also a vital ingredient in local politics. After all, they make up over half of all constituents and are represented in all social groups and strata.

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