Racism – a pervasive problem

Racism is a systemic problem that affects people worldwide. It’s a deeply rooted issue that calls for critical approaches to help dismantle its assumptions and create more just societies. For businesses, academic organizations and political institutions, racism can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from how new talent is recruited to corporate or organizational culture.


Why is it necessary to talk about racism in the workplace?

  • It is estimated that 22% of people in Germany are affected by racism.
  • Although racially based categories have been scientifically disproven for a long time, 49% of the population is still convinced of their existence today.
  • Almost every person in Germany knows someone who experiences racism and many of them have witnessed or observed racist incidents against certain people or groups.

(Source: National Discrimination and Racism Monitor, 2022)

EAF Berlin's racism-critical trainings

Our racism-critical training courses provide organizations with the tools and knowledge to identify and address racism in their workplaces and spheres of influence. Our training sessions are designed to help participants understand the historical, cultural, and social factors that contribute to racism and the ways in which different types of discrimination affect individuals and communities.

Through a combination of interactive presentations, group discussions and case studies, our training programs provide practical strategies and skills to eliminate racism and promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Our experienced trainers draw on years of experience in delivering critical racism training and place a strong emphasis on creating an open space for participants to reflect and gain new insights. The trainers also bring experience from discourses around anti-racism, the interrogation of “whiteness”, and how to empower those experiencing racism.

For whom is critical racism training suitable?

Our training programs are suitable for companies, scientific organizations and political institutions. The prerequisite is the voluntary participation of the participants and the implementation of the training in organizations and in the context of a full-day workshop.


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