Stage and audience in the background. In the foreground, a person photographed from behind, whose shirt reads: "Frauen Macht Politik.".

Helene Weber-College

The cross-party network strengthens women active in local politics

The Helene Weber-College is a cross-party, nationwide platform for women in local politics. The college came into being in the context of the Helene Weber Award for outstanding women in local politics, which was first awarded in 2009. As we got to know the first group of award winners, it quickly became apparent that women benefit greatly from cross-party networking.

The college got off the ground in 2011. A central component is the regular mentoring programs, where experienced female local politicians make themselves available as mentors to interested young women. Several hundred women have since taken part in the programs; two-thirds of the participants have subsequently entered local politics. In addition, the College’s website “Frauen Macht Politik” provides up-to-date information, tips for campaigns and public relations work, as well as an interesting short film of the same name. Once a year, a nationwide “Kommunalcampus” is held in Berlin.

Reverse mentoring is especially interesting and often quite exciting for everyone involved: usually, younger women give “seasoned” local politicians tips and training in how to use social media most effectively.

Target audience

Local politicians, mayors, committed women


Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth


Since 2011

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Another element is the multi-day workshops for young women and girls interested in politics, known as “It’s our turn! Politics needs diversity. Politics needs you!”  In 2016, two workshops were held for the first time that were explicitly aimed at girls with a migration background.

More about the project

The Helene Weber Kolleg's online portal provides further information about the Kolleg and the Helene Weber Award winners (in German).

Interested parties can also find extensive basic knowledge about local politics and a collection of "good examples" for recruiting women. Literature tips, detailed contact information and links round off the offer.


Portrait of Cécile Weidhofer.

If you have any questions about the project, please get in touch with the responsible contact person:

Cécile Weidhofer

+49 (30) 3087760-61


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Helene Weber-College

The cross-party network strengthens women active in local politics