Equality has not yet been achieved anywhere in the world...

When you look through the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap Report, the facts say it all. The issues that are driving the work of the EAF Berlin – especially how to empower women in leadership positions in politics, business and academia – are a focus of many women’s and human rights organizations as well as of governments across the globe. During the current legislative period, for example, the German Foreign Office has also committed itself to a foreign policy more focused on the needs of women. That is why the EAF Berlin also works on the international stage. Based on our many years of experience in Germany, we devise strategies in close cooperation with local women’s organizations, build up networks and pass on our know-how and expertise.



International Projects


In the cooperation project, the EAF is working to network committed women in Ukrainian regions, promote their equal rights in local participation and…

Politics & Participation

Together for Democracy

Promoting local politicians and women active in civil society in Ukraine

Politics & Participation


Across Europe, only 15 percent of mayors* are female. This project aimed to increase the representation of women in local leadership and mayoral positions.

Politics & Participation

Women in Local Leadership

Exchanges between female local politicians in Germany and the US.

Politics & Participation

Cooperation with GIZ

Within the framework of the GIZ programs LEAD and Econowin MENA, the EAF Berlin has set up a range of mentoring programs.

Politics & Participation

Democracy Needs Women

Promoting women’s participation in local politics in Tunisia.


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