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Nina Bessing
Communications trainer, organizational developer and coach

Nina Bessing is a freelance communication trainer, organizational developer and coach.

As a communication trainer and coach, her focus areas include hybrid leadership and collaboration, the career development of women and diversity management, self-marketing and presentation skills, negotiations and power imbalances. As an organizational developer, she supports strategy and team development, in organizational change processes and for the sustainable embedding of cultural change.

From 2000 to 2018, Nina Bessing was a member of the EAF Berlin team and trained specialists and executives from a wide range of sectors on the aforementioned topics. She also advised organizations on topics such as life stage-oriented personnel management, promoting the career development of women, flexible work organization, diversity management, and change management.

She also led the program “Career with Children – Innovative Models for Managers in the Family Phase”, which EAF Berlin is now running in cooperation with her at Deutsche Telekom (currently in its fourth iteration). The aim of the program is to prevent career setbacks caused by children (for both women and men). In addition to tools for promoting individual career development, the program also introduces measures to change cultures and improve work organization.

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