Portrait of Birte Kruse-Gobrecht.
Birte Kruse-Gobrecht
Trainer, mediator, coach, systemic organizational developer

Birte Kruse-Gobrecht has been working as a certified organizational consultant and freelance coach with a focus on change and network management, leadership and communication since 2011. As a qualified lawyer, mediator and strategic consultant, she advises local authorities, organizations and stakeholders in politics and business on change processes as well as on the development and implementation of sustainability strategies and personnel development geared towards equal opportunities and life phases.

In a time of constant change and massive social and geopolitical transformation, conventions and traditions are being called into question and we are called upon to break new ground.

As a former full-time mayor, Birte Kruse-Gobrecht has extensive practical knowledge that she brings to bear in advising municipalities, organizations and leaders. She provides practical and solution-oriented impulses for sustainable innovation as well as sound advice for development and strategy processes in order to promote socio-ecological change.

Birte Kruse-Gobrecht's fields of activity include

  • Concept development, process support and moderation of change processes
  • Support and development of women in top (political) positions
  • Network management
  • Leadership and communication
  • Economy for the common good and sustainability strategies
  • Impact-oriented budget management, in particular for the implementation of Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Equality-effective budget management as part of the implementation of gender mainstreaming
  • Life-phase-oriented personnel development

More information in German language: https://www.bkg-kompetenz.de/

From 2016-2022, she was the full-time mayor of the town of Bargteheide in Schleswig-Holstein. During this time, her freelance work was suspended.

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