Voice motivates, conveys security and supports us in leading professionally. In challenging situations, it often reflects our emotional state. It exerts an influence, can determine career paths, and strengthening it holds huge potential for leaders and teams.


Our offer

Participants reflect on the effect of their voice and body language through practical exercises and role-playing. They deal with voice technique and embodiment, as well as the concepts of high and low status in communication. In the afternoon, each participant receives an exclusive and individually tailored program of voice and speech coaching.

  • Voice: Participants find and acknowledge their own voice as an effective tool in team and conversation management and improve their use of voice through targeted exercises.
  • Appearance: Participants develop strategies to deal with and counteract unpleasant effects such as stage fright.
  • Embodiment: Much of our communication is non-verbal, conveyed through our body language, facial expressions and gestures. It gives a message to our counterpart that what is said is (or isn’t) “coherent” and, in case of doubt, decides on our credibility. We deal with the topic of embodiment and effect with the help of practical exercises.
  • Communication: How we show ourselves, speak and even breathe says a lot about our status in communication. Participants sharpen their awareness of high and low status in order to be able to react confidently in sensitive situations.

The voice as a supporting instrument – you can book a course here:

The seminar is aimed at managers who want to use their voice as a supporting instrument in their work and thus develop their leadership strength. Half-day (4h, excl. individual coaching) or full-day (8h, incl. individual coaching) workshops can be booked.



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