Singing together facilitates feelings of togetherness and teaches us to react with joy, curiosity and confidence even in difficult moments. After all, a person can’t sing and be afraid at the same time. The combination of music and resilience training strengthens team spirit, belonging and team health.


Resilience needs creativity

Resilience requires optimism, creativity, good relationships, improvisation and a willingness to learn. In today’s sometimes challenging day-to-day work environments, we often lack access to these skills and attitudes. Cultivating psychological security and trust in the team then becomes difficult: in moments of stress, we fall back into patterns that we’d prefer to say goodbye to.


Writing a song together

In our workshop, the team writes its own song based on values, strengths and successes that have been worked out together beforehand. The participants deal with the basics of singing and breathing. They look for elements that can be transferred to resilience in everyday work. At the end of the morning, the team song is rehearsed and recorded together. In the afternoon, participants’ own patterns of stress management are analyzed in order to develop initial strategies to address these constructively.

  • Singing: Raising your voice together increases the feeling of togetherness and well-being – essential prerequisites for constructive teamwork. In addition, breathing and body work help to strengthen participants’ resilience skills in the long term.
  • Team-building: By writing and singing an exclusive team song together, staff members creatively explore the “we” in their team. This can enhance the sense of belonging and strengthen feelings of connection to their organization.
  • Resilience: Participants concentrate on their personal resources in order to strengthen their resilience and take initial steps for everyday work.

Our offer

The seminar is aimed at teams whose members want to enhance their cooperation and are looking for creative approaches to the topics of psychological safety and stress management. This workshop can be booked as a full-day event (8h).



If you have any questions, please get in touch with the contact person:

Andrea Krönke

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