We are committed to ensure that diversity is lived and appreciated in all areas of society.

This requires a fundamental change of work and culture. We want to open up gender roles and create new opportunities. We are committed to ensure that all people are offered fair opportunities, progressive career paths and flexible working models, and that they can reconcile their professional careers and personal lives.

Through our programs and projects, we support organizations in politics, business and science, to initiate as well as to shape processes of change. We are convinced that equality of opportunity contributes to entrepreneurial success as well as to the future viability of our society.

The digital transformation of the last decades is increasingly changing our professional life. The working world 4.0 creates new challenges and new opportunities.

Companies are required to establish an organizational culture oriented towards equal opportunities and diversity, which promotes the flexibility and self-responsibility of their employees and their managers.

Our practice-oriented research projects and innovative programs provide answers on how careers and leadership can be designed in the future. Important steps are modern career paths, flexible working arrangements and management models as well as an open-minded leadership.

Not only technology and working conditions are changing. Lifestyles and role models are subjects of dynamic changes, too.

Today, women and men want to work self-determined. They want to reconcile work and family responsibilities. They want to pursue personal interests, learn new things and engage in the community.

We are convinced that this development is desirable. It promotes future viability and innovation on economic, political and social levels.

With our studies and programs, we are committed to a flexible working and living environment and help specialists and leaders to remain motivated, effective and healthy.

Democracy needs women and men in their diversity. Nonetheless, women and several populations are still underrepresented in parliaments.

Above all, with our national and international programs, we encourage women to participate in politics, empower them and promote their professionalization, as well as cross-country and cross-border networking. In particular, we work with countries in transformation.

Our practice-oriented research answers questions about career paths, obstacles and needs of women in politics. Furthermore, it provides recommendations for effective participation in political decision-making.