Helene Weber College Cross-party network for promoting and supporting women in local politics

To gain women for local politics and to support women active in local politics – that is the central concern of the Helene Weber College. The college offers for the first time a cross-party platform with numerous information, networking and further training offers for women committed to and interested in local politics. The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth has tasked EAF with supporting and coordinating with the Helene Weber College.

Components of the college are:

  • Helene Weber Prize: The Helene Weber Prize is an award for outstanding local female politicians. The by-now 50 Helene Weber prize-winners support and shape the Helene Weber College. For example, they are engaged as mentors in supporting other women in the first steps into local politics.
  • Mentoring programs: the goal is to introduce interested women to local politics and to pass on the practical knowledge of already active and successful women in politics.
  • Touring exhibition “Mother of the Constitution“: The touring exhibition recognises the political involvement of four women in the Parliamentary Council 1948/49, which worked together on a cross-party basis and anchored the equal rights article in the German constitution.
  • International exchange: The project “Democracy Needs Women! Tunisian-German cooperation in the framework of the Helene Weber College“ has the goal of strengthening the political participation of women in Tunisia precisely in these times of democratic awakening and upheaval and to disseminate best practices for gaining and supporting women in politics.