Career building program Sign Up! Career development and promotion of postdoctoral students of the Max Planck Society

With a variety of initiatives, the Max Planck Society (MPG) promotes equal career opportunities for women and men in the organization. One important action within this commitment is the career building program "Sign Up!" for postdoctoral researchers of the MPG. The program is specifically addressing the many challenges that young professionals are facing. Thus, it is an important contribution to securing competitiveness.

The goal is to promote postdoctoral researchers in their career development and to prepare them for management tasks in a modern science company. The MPG, together with the EAF Berlin, has developed a one-year qualification and networking program for this extremely important target group. The one-year long program provides several trainings, workshops and talks with experts as well as successful scientists. In addition to discussion sessions on career paths within the European science landscape or on professional strategies in science, the programm contains trainings on topics such as networking, self-presentation and leadership skills.

The program has been running since 2009.