EAF Berlin supports organisations in changing processes for more diversity in leadership. With innovative programs for personnel and organisational development, it supports managers and junior managers.

EAF Berlin offers advice on diversity and equal opportunities, careers and leadership, work life balance and resilience as well as democracy and participation.

Since 1996, EAF Berlin has been active as an independent non-profit organisation providing an interface between politics, the economy and science. It combines scientific expertise with many years of practice in consulting and training, as well as experience in national and international projects. Its own studies and research projects round off the portfolio of EAF Berlin.

EAF Berlin is contributing to women as well as men being able to develop their potential in all areas of life and to assume responsibility in management positions. We are convinced that equal opportunities contribute to both commercial success and to the future sustainability of our society. Democracy needs women and men in their diversity.

Together with the Technical University of Berlin, in 2001 EAF Berlin founded Femtec.GmbH, a unique network for supporting women in the natural sciences and technology. Femtec.GmbH cooperates with leading technology firms and technical universities in a public-private partnership.


EAF Berlin is a signatory of the Charter of Diversity, a founding member of the German Society for Mentoring (DGM) and a member of the international society for diversity management (idm) as well as a member of ULA - United Leaders Association.


If you are interested in our offers, please contact us:

EAF Berlin. Diversity in Leadership
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