Dr. Helga Lukoschat, Vorsitzend der EAF Berlin +

Dr Helga Lukoschat
Chairperson of the Board

Kathrin Mahler Walther, Geschäftsführerin der EAF Berlin +

Kathrin Mahler Walther
Managing Director of EAF Berlin


Dr Marc Gärtner
Social scientist, consultant and coach


Jessica Gedamu
Diversity and Inclusion Expert



Tina Weber
Director | Member of Managing Board


Betina Heinz-Wolf
Senior Expert Finance and Human Resources Management

[Translate to English:] Lisa Hempe, Junior Expert +

Lisa Hempe


Andrea Krönke
Senior Expert

[Translate to English:] Manuela Möller, Director EAF Berlin

Manuela Möller

+49 (30) 3087760-62

Manuela Möller has been working at EAF Berlin since 2008. As a Director her focus is on the conception and implementation of mentoring programs, projects in the context of gender and politics as well as international projects.

She is currently conducting trainings and consulting assignments in Jordan, Tunisia and the South Caucasus.

As part of the BMFSFJ-funded Helene Weber Kolleg, she offers seminars, lectures and conferences for beginner and experienced women in politics. Equal opportunities and democracy are also the topics in workshops for politically interested people with migration.

Manuela Möller is a graduate health scientist with an international master's degree (MPH), PR consultant and has worked for ten years as a psychotherapist in a counseling center before her international activities. She subsequently lived in the United States and Bangladesh, as well as in Geneva, Manila and Fiji, and advised governments on HIV prevention for the World Health Organization (WHO) from 2002 to 2008.


Memberships / Involvements

  • Member of ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher FahrradClub)
  • Member of CODA (Children of Deaf Adults)


  • Lukoschat, Helga/Möller, Manuela (2013): Gleichstellung als Wirtschaftsfaktor. In: Forum Arbeit, Ausgabe 1/2013, S. 22-25

Cécile Weidhofer
Senior Expert