Dr. Helga Lukoschat, Vorsitzend der EAF Berlin +

Dr Helga Lukoschat
Chairperson of the Board

Kathrin Mahler Walther, Geschäftsführerin der EAF Berlin

Kathrin Mahler Walther
Managing Director of EAF Berlin

+49 (30) 3087760-41

Kathrin Mahler Walther is an executive member of the board of EAF Berlin.

Kathrin Mahler Walther has been a member of the EAF team since 1996 and advises enterprises and associations on the promotion of women in managerial positions and the work-life balance of managers. As a trainer, her emphasis is in the areas of mentoring, dual career, career development, networking and diversity. She conducts various career building and mentoring programs, including the EAF’s in-house female politicians’ college and studies on the success strategies of managers with families. Thus, together with Dr Helga Lukoschat, in 2006 she carried out the study “Career Interruption Children. Mothers in Managerial Positions – a Gain for Companies“ and in 2008 the research “Children and Careers: The New Couples“ on double career couples with children in Germany.

Kathrin Mahler Walther studied social sciences in Jena, Berlin and New York with a scholarship from the Hans-Böckler Foundation. In addition, she completed training as a Systemic Consultant. In 2012, she was selected to participate in a one-year exchange program for managers “X-Change for Competence“ of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the German-Israeli Forum for the Future. She is a member of the board of the German Society for Mentoring, which EAF cofounded in May 2012.

Before her work for EAF, Kathrin Mahler Walther participated in various projects in the area of equal opportunities and gender research, including for Catalyst – one of the leading organisations for supporting women in managerial positions in the USA – for the Hans-Böckler Foundation and for DaimlerChrysler AG, where she conducted a research project for gaining female applicants for commercial-technical career training.

Born in 1970 in Leipzig, Kathrin Mahler Walther initially completed career training as a specialist in writing technology. As a member of the previous East German Citizens’ Movement, she was involved in politics for several years. She was a member of the Federal Board of the Peace and Human Rights Initiative and was their representative at the Leipzig Round Table. In 1991/92 she was employed as an adviser to a member of the first Saxon state parliament.


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