Dr. Helga Lukoschat, Vorsitzend der EAF Berlin +

Dr Helga Lukoschat
Chairperson of the Board

Kathrin Mahler Walther, Geschäftsführerin der EAF Berlin +

Kathrin Mahler Walther
Managing Director of EAF Berlin


Dr Marc Gärtner
Social scientist, consultant and coach


Jessica Gedamu
Diversity and Inclusion Expert



Tina Weber
Director | Member of Managing Board

Betina Heinz-Wolf
Senior Expert Finance and Human Resources Management

+49 (30) 3087760-64

Betina Heinz-Wolf is assistant to the management and responsible for project management and accounting at the EAF Berlin.

Since 2001, Betina Heinz-Wolf belongs to the EAF team. She was responsible for the management of an online consulting and information service for small and medium-sized enterprises and was the office manager from 2004 to 2010. As assistant to the management, she supports the management in the areas of reporting and controlling and supervises the Förderverein of EAF Berlin.

After completing her training as pediatric nurse and specialist nurse for pediatric intensive care, she spent many years working in Karlsruhe and studied educational science and political science at the Technical University of Berlin.

[Translate to English:] Lisa Hempe, Junior Expert +

Lisa Hempe


Andrea Krönke
Senior Expert


Cécile Weidhofer
Senior Expert