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Friends of the EAF Berlin

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  • In November 1998 several friends of the academy launched the association Friends of the EAF Berlin. In the meantime the charitable association counts 130 members who support the projects and goals of the EAF Berlin materially and ideally.
  • The Friends of the EAF Berlin provides news from the EAF and its work as well as specific networking offers for its members.
  • Above all the monthly club events, which are organised by the Friends together with the EAF Berlin, invite to networking. Currently there are club events in different industrial and political locations in Berlin. The programme covers talks and discussions on the subjects of diversity and equal opportunities, careers and leadership, work life balance and resilience as well as democracy and participation. 


    You identity yourself with our goals, contents and values? Support us and our work and become a member of Friends of the EAF Berlin.

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    phone: +49 30 / 30 877 60-0 | mail: foerderverein@eaf-berlin.de