Prof. Dr. Barbara Schaeffer-Hegel is the founder of EAF Berlin and chaired the board of management from 1996 to 2009. In addition, she was the founder of Femtec.GmbH.

Barbara Schaeffer-Hegel, born in 1936, studied Political Science, History, Philosophy and Romance Studies. She has taught at universities in Bonn, Munster, Vienna, Innsbruck and San Diego. From 1980, she was a Professor for Educational Sciences at the Technical University of Berlin. In early 2002, she retired from active university service.

Barbara Schaeffer-Hegel has published numerous works on questions of political education and fundamental and social research and carried out several research projects in these areas. Since the 90s, she has been engaged in particular with the problem of the limited presence of women in leading positions in politics and society and has conducted multiple studies on this.

In 1994, together with Dr Helga Lukoschat, Barbara Schaeffer-Hegel joined the group of women who initiated the candidature of Dr Hildegard Hamm-Brücher for the presidency of the Federal Republic and launched a nationwide campaign for her election. In 1996, after the federal presidential election, she founded EAF, the European Academy for Women in Politics and the Economy, whose goal is the support of female management trainees and promoting a family and child-friendly society.

Barbara Schaeffer-Hegel was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit, 1st Class, for her services to gender equality of women and men. 

Barbara Schaeffer-Hegel is married; she has four children and six grandchildren.